2018 – Volume 102

May 2018
Clinical ExaminationEditor: Brian T. Garibaldi

March 2018
UrologyEditor: Robert E. Brannigan

January 2018
Obesity MedicineEditors: Scott Kahan, Robert F. Kushner

2017 – Volume 101

November 2017
Care of Cancer SurvivorsEditor: Kimberly S. Peairs

September 2017
Complementary and Integrative MedicineEditor: Robert B. Saper

July 2017
Disease PreventionEditors: Michael P. Pignone, Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

May 2017
Emergencies in the Outpatient SettingEditor: Joseph F. Szot

March 2017
AnemiaEditor: Thomas G. DeLoughery

January 2017
HypertensionEditor: Edward D. Frohlich

2016 – Volume 100

November 2016
Practice-Based Nutrition CareEditors: Scott Kahan, Robert F. Kushner

September 2016
Quality Patient Care: Making Evidence-Based, High Value ChoicesEditors: Marc Shalaby, Edward R. Bollard

July 2016
Pharmacologic TherapyEditors: Kim M. O’Connor, Douglas S. Paauw

May 2016
Medical Care for Kidney and Liver Transplant RecipientsEditors: David A. Sass, Alden M. Doyle

March 2016
Travel and Adventure MedicineEditors: Paul S. Pottinger & Christopher A. Sanford

January 2016
Managing Chronic PainEditor: Charles E. Argoff

2015 – Volume 99

November 2015
DermatologyEditor: Roy M. Colven

September 2015
Comprehensive Care of the Patient with Chronic IllnessGuest Editor: Douglas S. Paauw

July 2015
Management of Cardiovascular DiseaseGuest Editor: Deborah L. Wolbrette

May 2015
Women’s HealthGuest Editor: Joyce E. Wipf

March 2015
Geriatric MedicineGuest Editors: Susan E. Merel and Jeffrey Wallace

January 2015
Diabetes ManagementGuest Editor: Irl B. Hirsch

2014 – Volume 98

November 2014
Oral Medicine: A Handbook for PhysiciansGuest Editor: Eric T. Stoopler and Thomas P. Sollecito

September 2014
Psychiatric Diagnosis and Management in Primary CareGuest Editor: Genevieve L. Pagalilauan

July 2014
Common Musculoskeletal Problems in the Ambulatory SettingGuest Editor: Matthew L. Silvis

May 2014
Common Symptoms in the Ambulatory SettingGuest Editor: Douglas S. Paauw

March 2014
Managing and Treating Common Foot and Ankle ProblemsGuest Editor: John A. DiPreta

January 2014
Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Liver DiseasesGuest Editor: Anne M. Larson

2013 – Volume 97

November 2013
Pre-operative Management of the Patient with Chronic DiseaseGuest Editors:Ansgar M. Brambrink, Peter Rock, and Jeffrey R. Kirsch

September 2013
The Diabetic FootGuest Editor:Andrew J.M. Boulton

July 2013
Infectious Disease ThreatsGuest Editor:Douglas Paauw

May 2013
Early Diagnosis and Intervention in Predementia Alzheimer’s DiseaseGuest Editors: José L. Molinuevo, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Bruno Dubois, Philip Scheltens

March 2013
Management of Acute and Chronic Headache PainGuest Editor: Steven D. Waldman

January 2013
Diabetic Chronic Kidney DiseaseGuest Editor: Mark E. Williams

2012 – Volume 96

November 2012
Interventions in Infectious Disease EmergenciesGuest Editor: Nancy Misri Khardori

September 2012
Heart FailureGuest Editor: Prakash C. Deedwania

July 2012
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseGuest Editors: Stephen I. Rennard, Bartolome R. Celli

May 2012
Immunotherapy in Clinical MedicineGuest Editors: Nancy Misri Khardori, Romesh Khardori

March 2012
Thyroid Disorders and DiseasesGuest Editor: Kenneth D. Burman

January 2012
Coronary Risk Factors UpdateGuest Editors: Valentin Fuster, Jagat Narula

2011 – Volume 95

November 2011
Pulmonary DiseasesGuest Editor: Ali I. Musani

September 2011
ObesityGuest Editors: Derek LeRoith, Eddy Karnieli

July 2011
Antibacterial Therapy and Newer AgentsGuest Editors: Keith S. Kaye, Donald Kaye

May 2011
Geriatric MedicineGuest Editor: John E. Morley

March 2011
Prediabetes and Diabetes PreventionGuest Editor: Michael Bergman

January 2011
Urologic Issues for the InternistGuest Editor: Michael J. Droller

2010 – Volume 94

November 2010
Psychiatry for the InternistGuest Editor: Theodore A. Stern

September 2010
Otolaryngology for the InternistGuest Editor: Matthew W. Ryan

July 2010
Drug HypersensitivityGuest Editor: Werner J. Pichler

May 2010
Sleep Medicine   
Guest Editor: Christian Guilleminault

March 2010
Chest PainGuest Editors: Guy D. Eslick, Michael Yelland

January 2010
Challenges in Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseGuest Editors: Miguel Regueiro, Arthur M. Barrie

2009 – Volume 93

November 2009
Cutaneous Manifestations of Internal DiseaseGuest Editor: Neil S. Sadick

September 2009
Preoperative Medical ConsultationGuest Editors: Lee A. Fleisher MD, Stanley H. Rosenbaum MD

July 2009
Care of the Cirrhotic PatientGuest Editor: David A. Sass

May 2009
Hypertensive Disease: Current Challenges, New Concepts, and ManagementGuest Editor: Edward D. Frohlich

March 2009
Common Neurologic DisordersGuest Editor: Randolph W. Evans

January 2009
OsteoarthritisGuest Editor: David J. Hunter

November 2008
New and Emerging Infectious DiseasesGuest Editor: Mary Elizabeth Wilson

September 2008
Women’s HealthGuest Editor: Tony Ogburn, Carolyn Voss

July 2008
Common Hepatic EmergenciesGuest Editor: Mitchell S. Cappell

May 2008
Common Gastrointestinal EmergenciesGuest Editor: Mitchell S. Cappell

March 2008
Hospital MedicineGuest Editor: Scott A. Flanders, Vikas I. Parekh, Lakshmi Halasyamani

January 2008
Atrial FibrillationGuest Editor: Ranjan K. Thakur, Andrea Natale

2007 – Volume 91

November 2007
Metabolic SyndromeGuest Editor: Robert T. Yanagisawa, Derek LeRoith

September 2007
NanomedicineGuest Editor: Chiming Wei

July 2007
Acute Myocardial InfarctionGuest Editor: Mandeep Singh, David R. Holmes

May 2007
Bariatric Surgery Primer for the InternistGuest Editor: Nilesh A. Patel, Lisa S. Koche

March 2007
Pain Management, Part IIGuest Editor: H.S. Smith

January 2007
Pain Management, Part IGuest Editor: H.S. Smith

2006 – Volume 90

November 2006
Antimicrobial TherapyGuest Editor: B.A. Cunha

September 2006
Geriatric MedicineGuest Editors: J.K. Gammack, J.E. Morley

July 2006
Integrated Care for the Complex Medically IllGuest Editors: F.J. Huyse, F. Stiefel

May 2006
Emergencies in the Outpatient Setting: Part 2Guest Editors: R.L. Rogers, J.P. Martinez

March 2006
Emergencies in the Outpatient Setting: Part 1Guest Editors: R.L. Rogers, J.P. Martinez

January 2006
AllergyGuest Editors: A. Montanaro

2005 – Volume 89

November 2005
Medical ToxicologyGuest Editors: C.P. Holstege, D.E. Rusyniak

September 2005
Minority Health and Disparities-Related Issues: Part IIGuest Editors: E.L. Greene, C.R. Thomas

July 2005
Minority Health Issues: Part IGuest Editors: E.L. Greene, C.R. Thomas

May 2005
Chronic Kidney DiseaseGuest Editor: A.K. Singh

March 2005
Screening, Prevention and Treatment of Esophageal, Gastric, and Hepatic MalignanciesGuest Editor: M.S. Cappell

January 2005
Colon Cancer Screening, Surveillance, Prevention, and Treatment: Conventional and Novel TechnologiesGuest Editor: M.S. Cappell

2004 – Volume 88

November 2004
Treating Tobacco DependenceGuest Editors: V.C. Reichert, A. Talwar, and A.M. Fein

September 2004
Primary Prevention of Heart FailureGuest Editors: J. Narula, C.W. Yancy, and J.B. Young

July 2004
Type II Diabetes MellitusGuest Editor: A.J. Garber

May 2004
Sleep DisordersGuest Editor: T.L. Lee-Chiong

March 2004
UrologyGuest Editor: M.I. Resnick

January 2004
HypertensionGuest Editor: E.D. Frohlich

2003 – Volume 87

November 2003
Contemporary Thrombosis DebatesGuest Editor: S.R. Deitcher

September 2003
Update on Women’s HealthGuest Editor: F.E. Kaiser

July 2003
Case Studies in Neurology, Part IIGuest Editor: R.W. Evans

May 2003
Case Studies in Neurology, Part IGuest Editor: R.W. Evans

March 2003
Therapeutic Options in Heart FailureGuest Editors: R.R. Baliga, G. Pitt & J. Narula

January 2003 FREE
Preoperative ConsultationGuest Editor: S.L. Cohn

2002 – Volume 86

November 2002
Update on GI DiseaseGuest Editor: M.S. Cappell

September 2002
AsthmaGuest Editor: R. Bush

July 2002
Hospital MedicineGuest Editors: W. Whitcomb & M. Williams

May 2002
DementiaGuest Editor: J. Bowen

March 2002
Tick-borne DiseasesGuest Editor: J. Edlow

January 2002
Complementary and Alternative MedicineGuest Editor: A. Perlman